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New Music: New Orleans Union of Entertainment All Stars – Real Recognize Real (@NOUE1)

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New Orleans Union for Entertainment announces the release of “Real Recognize Real”, third in the series of N.O.U.E. mixtape releases

New Orleans Union Of Entertainment All Stars present their third various artists mixtape, Real Recognize Real, which features the late Tim Smooth, Ice Mike, Black Menace, Partners N Crime, Devious, Da U Boys, Cheeky Black, Mia X, Kunta Fly Snooka, Majesty Sozey, The Rap Pack, Ms. Tee, and more. This 25 song mixtape maintains consistency as it follows the Essence Festival and Allies mixtape releases. As the New Orleans Union For Entertainment continues to flourish, structure begins to form for New Orleans hip hop. 

One of the main dilemmas New Orleans has faced over the years as it relates to hip hop is structure. We have always had a ton of talent but only a small amount of industrial structure. NOUE is addressing this concern because most hardworking artists echo this opinion,” stated Devious. New Orleans Union For Entertainment is an action based collective that features artists in its blog, on its internet radio affiliate stations Robgradio.com, Hitzinternationalradio.com, Heat Magazine, Dtv, Ramp Tv, Phat Phat n All That, and more. Where there is a plethora of talent in cities like New Orleans and New York, the possibility of a lack of structure is bound to rear its ugly head. However, New Orleans Union For Entertainment is equipped with professionals which offer their services at reasonable rates. As a result, several artists have leaped over the obstacle of rejection and are now making progress in the advancement of their careers, regardless of their musical style. The beauty of the NOUE can be likened to “a pot of gumbo,” because the collective supports all genres and levels of hip hop. ”Our mixtapes and radio stations play young, old, bounce, hip hop, gangster, alternative, and more.”

The mixtape series consolidates New Orleans rap and allows industry professionals to be able to observe a variety of relevant music all at once, in contrast to finding New Orleanians in a scattered fashion.  Be sure to download NOUE All Stars mixtape series at HDmixtapes.com, Mixtapewire.com, etc.  According to Mista Meana of Partners N Crime, Legendary DJ Erv of Robgradio, and Devious, the mission is to advance the music and careers of New Orleans artists and businesses.  This advancement can also come in the form of networking opportunities, financial empowerment, and dissemination of information that can assist artists  in other areas of their personal lives. For more information on New Orleans Union For Entertainment, follow at @NOUE1.




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